The QuickBooks Resource is here to answer all of your QuickBooks bookkeeping questions. We are focused on helping small business owner’s and entrepreneurs use QuickBooks accurately and effectively.

Armed with the proper information and process, QuickBooks can be easy to use, accurate, and a powerful reporting tool for your small business. We can be the resource to guide you to full utilization of QuickBooks.


The QuickBooks Resource was started in 2011 in San Diego, California out of a small home office by Arden Lux Lane. Having helped local clients with the intricacies of QuickBooks since 2006, she noticed that the same questions and concerns were voiced by her clients time and time again.

She searched for some resource to direct her clients to, but could not find one that had the right knowledge base and was easy to read and follow. So she decided to devote her own time and energy into creating this blog to answer all of these questions and more.


Arden Lux Lane is the owner of The QuickBooks Resource and Lux Bookkeeping. She has been a public accountant and bookkeeper helping small businesses and the self-employed with their finances since 2001.

She began using QuickBooks in 2001 as well, and has mastered all versions since. She uses her knowledge to guide clients toward full utilization of the program, leading to less waste, reduced expenses, and more time focused on business.

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About Arden Lux Lane

My name is Arden Lux Lane and I run The QuickBooks Resource. I am also the owner of Lux Bookkeeping and have been using QuickBooks since 2001 and helping small businesses since 2006.

Lux BookkeepingBizarre as it may sound, I actually enjoy accounting and helping small business owners get the most out of QuickBooks.

Learn more about Arden Lux Lane.